Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

State Bank of India (California) has a long history dedicated to enhancing the banking experience of the multi-ethnic communities we serve. Our goal is to be recognized for our commitment to listen to our clients and provide personalized solutions. We will provide rewarding opportunities for our team members, respect for diversity and culture, and value to our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Our Vision

State Bank of India (California) will ACHIEVE customer trust and satisfaction.

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Our Values & Commitment

To Our Clients

State Bank of India (California) values the commitment to our clients, and will provide exceptional customer service and focus through relationship-building and convenience banking.

To Our Team Members

State Bank of India (California) values the commitment to our team members, and will provide growth and development for our employees and bring about the encouragement and opportunities needed to flourish within a respectful work environment.

To Our Community

State Bank of India (California) values the commitment to our local communities, and will continue to deeply embed ourselves within civic operations to bring about positive impact to both our clients and the general populous of our communities.


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